DIGIPRO 2020 Virtual

August 11 – 13, 2020
11:30 am – 3:00 pm (PDT, UTC-7)
Receptions to follow each day 3 pm – 4 pm

The Digital Production Symposium (DigiPro 2020) brings together the world’s premier creators of digital visual effects, animation, and interactive experiences.

Scientists, engineers, artists, and producers share ideas, insights, and techniques that bring innovation to real-world production.

2020 marks the 10 year anniversary for this conference which we are excited to host virtually, enabling wider access to this normally sold out event.

This year DigiPro and The Pipeline Conference are joining forces and working together to bring you a multi-day virtual event!

The conference program will include both live sessions and pre-recorded content. DigiPro talks are all pre-recorded and will be available on-demand during the conference through the end of September. TPC talks will be live and recorded for subsequent on-demand playback.

Our virtual conference platform is Whova. Once you are registered this is where you can watch sessions, ask questions, and chat with organizers and attendees.

We will also have a virtual lobby running in High Fidelity, including receptions at the end of each day. This link will go live on Monday evening to allow people to explore the space and mingle with other attendees before the conference begins.

DigiPro+TPC Conference Portal
DigiPro+TPC Coffee and Reception (closed)


Thank you so much for attending DigiPro Symposium and The Pipeline Conference! Despite the challenges this year, we are glad to have had this opportunity to continue bringing engaging talks and inspiring ideas to our community. We hope you have enjoyed this experience as much as we have. When we kicked off the conference, we had over 500 registered attendees. By the time the conference was over, we had over 640 attendees! You all contributed to over 240 questions across 13 sessions, 3200+ messages, and 66 community topics – wow!

Thank you to our speakers for your innovations and pushing the boundaries to make stunning imagery and efficient pipelines!

Thank you to both the DigiPro and TPC committees and our volunteers who spent countless hours and poured their hearts into making this happen.

And finally, thank you to our sponsors, who supported us every step of the way.

As you know, it’s truly a team effort. If you are interested in helping us out next year, or have an idea, please reach out to us!

Other questions or concerns?
You can email us at feedback (at) thepipelineconference.com.

See you in 2021!

PS – Don’t forget to check out the merchandise in our Zazzle marketplaces for DigiPro and TPC !

DigiPro/TPC Chairs
DigiPro Symposium and The Pipeline Conference

2020-08-09  UPDATE

Counting down! We are looking forward to a great conference next week! This year’s program will include both live sessions and pre-recorded content. Most content will be available on-demand during the conference through the end of September. We will also have a virtual lobby space for receptions and mingling on the High Fidelity platform.

2020-07-14  UPDATE

We are very excited to announce that this year we are teaming up with The Pipeline Conference to bring you a multi-day virtual event! Each day will have a mix of Digital Production and Pipeline content on a shared platform including forums for Q&A and ways to socialize with your peers virtually.

We are in for a treat this year as the 2020 DigiPro Keynote Speaker is none other than ILM’s Richard Bluff who will be talking about the VFX of The Mandalorian.

We’ll be posting details of the program shortly, along with registration information.
Hope to see you (virtually) soon!

2020-07-1  UPDATE

We previously shared that DigiPro 2020 was moving to a virtual conference format. The event will take place online on August 11 – 13, 2020.
More details on the format and speakers will be revealed in the coming weeks.

2020-05-9 COVID-19 UPDATE

Thank you for the submissions!
DigiPro is going virtual conference format for 2020. More information will follow.

Please stay safe everyone!

2020-04-24 COVID-19 UPDATE

Siggraph is going virtual due to Covid-19. DigiPro will follow Siggraph’s lead and move to a virtual conference format for 2020. The call for participation is still open and more information will follow.


Please stay safe everyone!

2020-04-7 COVID-19 UPDATE

Everyone here at DigiPro HQ has been keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 situation. As you are probably aware many upcoming events and conferences have been cancelled or gone virtual. We are following the lead of SIGGRAPH 2020 and we are hopeful that DigiPro will be held in person as planned.

Please know that, whether live or virtual, DigiPro fully intends to present and publish a full program of content this year, so we encourage everyone to make submissions as usual.

In addition, due to the upheaval caused by the sudden shift in working environments, we are extending the submission deadline by 2 weeks.

Submissions are now due May 8, 2020.

We are anxiously waiting to see more of your amazing work!

Meanwhile, we are actively discussing the possibility and logistics around a virtual conference. Please contact us at the email below if you have ideas or feedback about how a Virtual DigiPro might play out. In the meantime, we encourage you to follow updates from WHO, CDC, and SIGGRAPH::


Please be safe, be smart, and wash your hands!

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Visual Effects Supervisor
Industrial Light & Magic

Conference Keynote – 30-minute live Keynote Presentation (By Richard Bluff) followed by a 30-minute live panel discussion

Richard Bluff, Production Visual Effects Supervisor for The Mandalorian, will discuss the unique aspects of this ground-breaking Lucasfilm series. The team was challenged to develop and implement cutting-edge technology to do real-time visual effects for the live-action series and in doing so changed the production paradigm.

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